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Mediation is a process whereby the mediator -an independent and unbiased person- helps disputing individuals, businesses or organisations to find solutions to resolve their differences and thus avoid having to resort to the courts. It differs from arbitration, where the parties do not submit to the findings of an arbitrator, but rather, the parties themselves, with the aid of the mediator, reach an agreement that meets their interests.

The main features of this manner of dispute resolution are swiftness, equity, confidentiality and willingness so as to foster communication, dialogue and consensus, which allows for individual solutions to be tailored to the needs of the parties to the dispute.

GRAÍÑO LEGAL, in its constant drive for full client satisfaction, recently and enthusiastically opened this new route with a specific department devoted to this field -"Civil-Commercial Mediation and Insolvency Study" led by the certified mediator Fernando Rodríguez Castro- which in turn has a team of professionals practitioners engaging in ongoing training and specialising in:

  • Civil mediation
  • Family mediation
  • Penal mediation
  • Prison mediation
  • Medical mediation
  • Corporate mediation
  • Insolvency mediation
Our headquarters are in the center of Oviedo and we have offices in Seville and Madrid, and a delegation in Marbella.