Lawyers GRAÍÑO LEGAL -Asturias, Madrid and Sevilla

Procedural Law

Actions for liability

  • Actions for tort liability, liability of contractors and carriers and liability relating to products and professional conduct.
  • Actions for decennial liability (design and construction defects).

Legal actions due to breach of the regulations governing competition

  • Exploitation of the efforts and reputation of others.
  • Unfair attraction of employees and clients.
  • Personal guarantees and collateral.
  • Preparation and lodging of all manner of appeals.

Civil and commercial contracts

  • Urban leases and condominium property.
  • Agency, distribution, concession and franchise agreements.
  • Proceedings for contract termination.
  • Proceedings on the validity, interpretation and enforcement of commercial and civil contracts.
  • Ownership, transfer and management of real estate.
  • Eviction trials.
  • Indemnity claims.

Criminal proceedings

  • Assistance in statements as complainant, victim, accused.
  • Defence in proceedings for misdemeanours.
  • Crimes against the tax authorities.
  • Crimes of forgery.
  • Crimes of fraud.
  • Crimes of embezzlement.
  • Corporate crime.

Enforcement proceedings

  • Bills of exchange, checks and promissory notes.
  • Enforcement of judicial and non-judicial instruments.
  • Small claims and debt recovery proceedings.

Appeals before the Spanish Constitutional Court

Arbitrations, participating in all manner of proceedings in this connection ("ad hoc" arbitration proceedings; arbitration proceedings before chambers of commerce, the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration (CIMA), the International Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

Corporate disputes

  • Challenges to corporate resolutions.
  • Proceedings relating to directors' liability.
  • Shareholder disputes.
  • Enforcement of shareholders agreements.
  • Court-ordered call notices of meetings.
  • Court-ordered liquidation of companies.

Management of non-payments

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